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Co-Active® sleep coaching with iRest® yoga nidra

A systematic, supportive and holistic way to better sleep and a greater sense of wellbeing through a combination of two proven methodologies: transformational coaching and yoga nidra.

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Restfully is a way of life. It is about nurturing our full self, finding deep rest and pure sleep among the busy-ness of life and creating balance so that we live with our full, vibrant energy. Join the Restfully community to receive exclusive content, a monthly webinar and free iRest yoga nidra meditations direct to your inbox (no login or payment required!). 


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Why Restfully?

It is my belief that the key to living a fulfilling, healthy and productive life lies in sleeping well.  I know from experience how difficult it is to manage the challenges of everyday life without the rest that comes from regular refreshing sleep. Rest seems so simple and so natural, yet sometimes it completely escapes us.  I have created Restfully to teach techniques I have learned as a successful sleep coach to help you regain a healthy pattern of sleep and give you back the energy you need to lead the life you desire.


Sleep Coaching and Yoga Nidra

I offer one-to-one sleep coaching and yoga nidra sessions online.

For community members I also offer free online events and exclusive content. 


Sleep Coaching

Fix and master your sleep

When you can't sleep well, life can feel really complicated. Personal sleep coaching is a systematic approach to re-building your natural ability to sleep well. Together we look at how your habits, mindset and environment are impacting your ability to sleep. We create a personal sleep plan and use yoga nidra to help you re-wire you mind and body for better sleep.

iRest Yoga Nidra

Deep rest and self awareness

iRest Yoga Nidra is a modern version of the ancient practice of yoga nidra. It is a deeply relaxing meditation that guides you into a state of sleep with light awareness. It helps you navigate through life's challenges with greater resilience, peace and self awareness. It requires no effort at all and is accessible to everyone.

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