Sleep Coaching - 1 hour with Dot Zacharias

Sleep Coaching - 1 hour with Dot Zacharias

Sleep coaching is a systematic, supportive and holistic way to better sleep and a greater sense of wellbeing. I'm delighted to say that every client has walked away with a significant improvement to their sleep and more energy in their step!


During the first session we fix the fundamentals of sleep and you go away with a new sleep plan that will help you improve your sleep and recover some energy. In subsequent sessions we explore habits, mindset and effective relaxation to balance your energy, process and address "sleep saboteurs" and put in place a healthier relationship with sleep.


Most of my clients have around 4 sessions but some experience significant and lasting change in just 2 sessions.



  • One hour of sleep coaching with leading Sleep Coach, Dot Zacharias
  • Via Zoom
  • A personal sleep plan and sleep tracker
  • Practice yoga nidra to rewire your mind and body to sleep effectively



  • Practical, supportive and holistic approach 
  • Learn how to find a healthier balance in your day and your night
  • Enjoy more energy for life!