Yoga Nidra - Private Session

Yoga Nidra - Private Session

During this private yoga nidra session you can choose to either receive a long-form yoga nidra practice, which is personalised to you and recorded so you can enjoy it time and time again, or to do a dyad practice, which is a co-meditation.


A "dyad" or co-meditation is a form of iRest where we meet in meditation and witness without judgement everything that arises within awareness. It helps us meet emotions, thinking patterns, memories and physical sensations within a supported, safe place.


iRest recognizes that deep healing happens when we become intimate with the felt-sense of being and learn to deeply listen to messengers that are held in our physical body, emotions or thinking mind, with openess and curiosity. In this practice we let go of the story-telling, and experience whatever comes up as a sensation in the body.  During this process of meditative self-inquiry, the student is supported to remain present in their experience while also opening to their natural state of ease and well-being.  


This is a trauma sensitive practice. By opening to just simply being and welcoming oneself fully from a stance of compassion and non-judgement, deep transformative healing can naturally occur.



  • 45 minutes
  • Via Zoom
  • There is no need for special equipment, props or prior knowledge.



  • Find more calm, ease and energy in everyday life
  • Naturally process challenging events, thoughts or emotions in a safe, supported way
  • Feel more vibrancy by connecting with your own, personal deep sense of purpose


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