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Discover how to unlock your own natural deep, peaceful sleep and wake up energised every day with your personal sleep coach.


Why sleep coaching?


Sleeping can seem so hard when it just won’t come. You lie awake, waiting, waiting and waiting.  After many nights like this, you might give up on ever getting a full night’s sleep. But, let me reassure you, finding it hard to sleep doesn’t mean you are a bad sleeper or have to put up with disrupted nights forever. I have helped people sleep well again, who have been sleeping badly for months, even years. 

How? My approach combines sleep coaching with yoga nidra to help you rebuild trust in your ability to sleep well. It works works because of the combination of proven tools and techniques for sleeping better, with a personalised approach: guidance, support and motivation. I specialise in helping people overcome sleep problems related to previous – or current – periods of stress and anxiety.

If you are not sure what’s keeping you up at night and you would like to speak to a sleep therapist who takes a holistic approach, book a discovery call and I’d be happy to discuss options with you.


Take the stress out of sleeping

Benefits of sleep coaching

  • Get a deep understanding of your own sleep

  • Find out why you are not sleeping well

  • Change your habits and attitudes around sleep

  • Be guided personally, by a sleep expert

  • Receive regular support and motivation

  • Make changes that last

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"I wanted to say THANK you because, your programme and advice worked. It was worth doing it and it is so great to see that I could see the effects quite fast. I should have done it earlier. It change my life, really!"

Sandrine, Brussels


Sleep Coach – Dot Zacharias

About me

I  am a qualified Integrative Adult Sleep Coach, teacher of iRest yoga nidra and mentored by Dr. Neil Stanley, a UK sleep researcher of over 30 years. Before Sleepability I was a management consultant and manager for a UK charity. But after having my own sleeping problems, I wanted to do something to help others more directly. I have been working with individuals and companies to improve their sleep since 2017. I love helping people learn how to sleep well completely naturally by making positive changes in their lives. I believe that we can find harmony in our busy modern lives by getting the simple things right.


What can you expect from sleep coaching?

Improving habits

We begin by looking at your habits and how you can make small changes that will greatly improve your sleep. Sleep coaching takes a holistic view and seeks to understand your personal situation, motivation and drivers, so that we create a personalised sleep plan that really works.

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Positive mindset

The mind has a powerful influence over how you sleep. In sleep coaching, we explore how your mindset, beliefs, history of sleep and associations with sleep, might be stopping you getting the sleep that you need, and help you build a more positive relationship with sleep.

Deep relaxation

Your body and mind need to be able to relax to fall asleep and stay asleep. In your sleep coaching journey you will learn about the technique of yoga nidra: how to use it at night and during the day to re-wire your body and mind to relax and sleep soundly again.


How does sleep coaching work?

Actionable, supportive, results-oriented.

Online Coaching Sessions

Sleep Coaching sessions take place online and last 60 minutes. We will discuss what is stopping you from sleeping, use coaching methods to create change and yoga nidra to settle deeply into relaxation.

Empowering actions

At the end of each Sleep Coaching session you will identified 1-3 things to work on between sessions including habits, mindset or yoga nidra, depending on what will have the biggest impact on your sleep.

Sleep Diary

I will give you a sleep and habit diary to complete between Sleep Coaching sessions to help us understand exactly what is happening with your sleep, to make adjustments to the plan and record your achievements!


"I noticed a change in my sleep after the very first session, which was welcoming, easy to follow, tailored to my needs and really informative. Thanks to sleep coaching I now feel that I have to tools to control my sleep and the confidence to approach it with a positive attitude. I feel like I have re-gained my energy and stability and sleep now feels manageable and restorative. Thank you!”

Francesca, London

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Would you like to know more about sleep coaching and how it could help you? I’m available for free 20-minute discovery calls so that we can find out whether my approach is the right one for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sleep Coaching for me?

Sleep Coaching is suitable for people with non-medical sleeping problems, who are looking to improve their lifestyle, thinking style and relationship with sleep; to learn techniques to sleep effectively and feel more energised. I always recommend that you speak to your general doctor before starting to work with me to rule out anything.

What are your fees?

The price of two one-hour sleep coaching sessions is £135 / $175 / €150 for two one-hour sessions. You will also receive a detailed personal sleep plan, a sleep diary and several yoga nidra audios.

Can I combine Yoga Nidra and Sleep Coaching?

Yes absolutely! In fact I would recommend it. I used a combination of these two to overcome my own sleeping challenges and continue to practice yoga nidra and my sleep framework to manage my own energy. Often the first session will focus on coaching and then we start to introduce yoga nidra, if that's something you want, in subsequent sessions.